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Details Ignored-By-Fear

CD: Thundra,Ignored By Fear

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Details The-Irish-Constitutional-Revolution-of-the-Sixteenth-Century

The Irish Constitutional Revolution of the Sixteenth Century Historiography has highlighted Ireland's sixteenth-century rebellions and ignored its revolution. Full description

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Details Relative-Humidity

Relative Humidity! When she was growing up, I ignored her. When she grew into a woman, I adored her. Fate had somehow thrown us too closely together early on and prohibited our intimate friendship. Eventually, fate did allow us to mingle-but then ...

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Details Founded-on-Fear

I warn society against the child who has been hurt Peter Tyrrell A tormented childhood in Letterfrack industrial school with the Christian Brothers left an enduring mark on Peter Tyrrell. Ignored by the authorities and distressed by his memories, he ...

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Details Secret-Kingdom-Cold-War-trilogy

Takes place in Hungary in the dangerous summer months [of 1956] that led directly to the Revolution, I knew that the British ambassador's warnings of trouble building up had been ignored by the Foreign Office in London.

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Details Willows-Gate-Novella

For thirty-years, Philip has ignored the rumors and whispers about his father. He only knew, that during a raging storm, his father ran away and disappeared into the darkness. Now Philip must face the same horror that drove his father insane. Will ...

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Details Commandments-Sticky-Notes-Booklet

Commandments Sticky Notes -Thou Shalt & Thou Shalt Not Issue your most biblical commandments on sticky notes shaped like tablets of stone - thou shalt (or shalt not) Memos that cant be ignored because they are commands from On High Two stone tablet ...

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Details The-Euro-Crisis-and-Its-Aftermath

Gebundenes BuchJean Pisani-Ferry cogently explains the origins of the euro, the build-up of imbalances and oversights that led to the crisis, the choices European policymakers have both addressed and ignored since 2010, the evolution of the policy ...

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Details Invisible-Men-Life-in-Baseballs-Negro-Leagues

Invisible Men Negro League ballplayers had been thrilling black fans since 1920. Although their games were ignored by white-owned newspapers and radio stations, black ballplayers became folk heroes in cities such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, and ...

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Details Plant-World-Seeds-Reseda-Alba-Seeds

One of the most valuable cottage garden flowers, but sadly ignored and rarely seen, is this sweetly perfumed plant. Because it does not possess bright flowers it is often left to languish in some dark corner....The impressive spike-like inflorescence ...

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Details Gotham-Restored-The-Preservation-of-Monumental-New-York

(Rudnick's photographs -- both color and black-and-white -- are a unique exploration of the great architecture of New York, from before shots showing sadly ignored structures to fascinating in-progress images of craftspeople and techniques to ...

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Details Canon-Fodder-Historical-Women-Political-Thinkers

This book is an exercise in the recovery of historical memory about a set of thinkers who have been forgotten or purposely ignored and, as a result, never made it into the canon of Western political philosophy. Penny Weiss calls them "canon fodder," ...

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Details Kiss-the-Wind-Understanding-the-Elementals-and-Faeries

Kiss the Wind Do you know the difference between elementals, faeries and elves? In "Kiss the Wind: Understanding the Elementals and Faeries," this usually ignored difference is explored and revealed. These separate species impact the Earth in a way ...

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Details Excluded-from-the-Record-Women-Refugees-and-Relief-1914-1929

Women, Refugees and Relief 1914-1929Broschiertes BuchThis study reveals women's hitherto ignored lives as refugees and relief workers during the First World War and shortly after. The focus is on coping with and changing the devastating effects of war ...

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Details Dismantling-American-Common-Law-Liberty-and-Justice-in-Our-Transformed-Courts

Dismantling American Common Law provides new insights into the political implications and philosophical origins of the American common law tradition, the importance of which has largely been ignored by the political science community.

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Details Whitman-Slavery-and-the-Emergence-of-Leaves-of-Grass

Whitman, Slavery, and the Emergence of Leaves of Grass Although the significance of Walt Whitman's thinking about African Americans and slavery to his poetry has been largely ignored by Whitman scholars, Martin Klammer argues that Leaves of Grass is a ...

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Details The-Behavioral-Study-of-Political-Ideology-and-Public-Policy-Formulation

This anthology focuses on the behavioral study of political ideology and its connection to public policy formulation. The public policy implications of ideology, largely ignored by most textbooks, have never been the purview of a single scholarly ...

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Details Shadow-of-a-Man-Enter-the-Psyche-of-the-Vagabond

Shadow of a Man Like your shadow beside you, the homeless linger in abeyance, ignored, overlooked and regarded as less than human. In Shadow of a Man, Steve Dawson examines the homelessness in Denver from the perspectives of the streetwalkers ...

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Details In-the-Days-of-Serfdom-and-Other-Stories-Pine-Street-Books

"In the Days of Serfdom" and Other Stories, originally published in 1911, presents in miniature themes developed in Tolstoy's longer works War and Peace and Anna Karenina. The compelling stories in this collection have largely been ignored by ...

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Details Real-Functions-Current-Topics-Lecture-Notes-in-Mathematics-Band-1603

Most books devoted to the theory of the integral have ignored the nonabsolute integrals, despite the fact that the journal literature relating to these has become richer and richer. The aim of this monograph is to fill this gap, to perform a study on ...

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Details The-Congested-Districts-Board-of-Ireland-1891-1923-Cork-Studies-in-History-and-Culture

The Congested Districts Board, 1891 - 1923 The Congested Districts Board has been largely misinterpreted and in many respects ignored by revisionist and social historians; this book aims at highlighting its part in alleviating rural poverty in ...

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Details The-Prose-of-Aleksandr-Vampilov-Middlebury-Studies-in-Russian-Language-and-Literature-Band-29

Gebundenes BuchAlthough Russian and Western critics have recognized Aleksandr Vampilov's (1937-1972) significance as a leading playwright in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s, they have virtually ignored his prose fiction, which elucidated and ...

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Details Inconsistency-in-Science-Origins-Studies-in-the-Sources-of-Scientific-Creativity-Band-2

Inconsistency in Science For centuries, inconsistencies were seen as a hindrance to good reasoning, and their role in the sciences was ignored. How is 'logical anarchy' avoided? Is it ever rational to accept an inconsistent theory? This collection of ...

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Details Macroeconomic-Policy-as-Implicit-Industrial-Policy-Its-Industry-and-Enterprise-Effects

Whether they should or not, few economists do in fact refrain from making pronouncements on public policy, although the state of the economy (both here and elsewhere) suggests that either the advice given is bad or, if good, that it is ignored . . . I ...

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Details Complete-without-Kids-An-Insiders-Guide-to-Childfree-Living-by-Choice-or-by-Chance

Complete without Kids Examines the often-ignored question of what it means to be childfree, by choice or by circumstance, in a family-focused society. Offering support, guidance, and questions, this guide is for any reader considering the childfree ...

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Details The-Inverse-Gaussian-Distribution-Statistical-Theory-and-Applications-Lecture-Notes-in-Statistics-Band-137

This book is written in the hope that it will serve as a companion volume to my first monograph. The first monograph was largely devoted to the probabilistic aspects of the inverse Gaussian law and therefore ignored the statistical issues and related ...

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Details The-Origin-of-Feces-What-Excrement-Tells-Us-about-Evolution-Ecology-and-a-Sustainable-Society

The Origin of Feces An entertaining and enlightening exploration of why waste matters, this cultural history explores an often ignored subject matter and makes a compelling argument for a deeper understanding of human and animal waste. Approaching the ...

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Details The-Long-Entanglement-NATOs-First-Fifty-Years-The-United-States-and-NATO-After-Fifty-Years

"Cancer viruses" have played a paradoxical role in the history of cancer research. Discovered in 1911 by Peyton Rous (1) at the Rockefeller Institute, they were largely ignored for several decades. Witness his eventual recognition for a Nobel Prize ...

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Details Escaping-Stigma-and-Neglect-People-with-Disabilities-in-Sierra-Leone-World-Bank-Working-Paper-Band-164

Escaping Stigma and Neglect People with disabilities in Sierra Leone are disadvantaged in regards to their access to social services and the economic opportunities available to them. Oftentimes, they are marginalized and their rights are ignored. The ...

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Details Calvins-Theodicyand-the-Hiddenness-of-God-Calvins-Sermons-on-the-Book-of-Job-Europische-Hochschulschriften-European-University-Studies-23-Theology-Srie-23-Thologie-Band-926

Calvin's Sermons on the Book of JobBroschiertes BuchCalvin's Theodicy has been substantially ignored or simply negated until now on the assumption that the issues raised by the modern problem of evil and Calvin's discussion of providence and evil ...

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Details Gender-and-Violence-in-Islamic-Societies-Patriarchy-Islamism-and-Politics-in-the-Middle-East-and-North-Africa-Library-of-Modern-Middle-East-Studies-Band-134

Gender and Violence in Islamic Societies Public violence by the state in the MENA region often dominates headlines, but gender-based violence in both public and private forms is often ignored. This book is a wide range of examples of gender-based ...